Charoite Healing Properties 

My beautiful Charoite cabochon.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus 
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Aquarius 

Element: Water, Air

Charoite has not been available for long commercially, but it is already well-known for its many healing properties. Because it works so well at transmuting negative thoughts and emotions, such as fear or anger, into positive ones, it is sometimes called the “stone of transformation” or the “stone of power”. It helps you to release those negative emotions and move forward.

Charoite is also known as the “stone of inspiration” because it enhances creativity and spiritual growth, and can help bring new insight into old situations. It enhances self-esteem by allowing you to see situations more clearly. This can also bring courage, inner strength and assertiveness when needed. It is very helpful during times of change. 

It can help you to accept others as they are, and it also helps to stimulate unconditional love.

Charoite can help you to have a more relaxed attitude, by reducing stress and worry.

Psychically, Charoite can enhance clairvoyance and prophesy.  Meditate with it to release your fears. It can help to cleanse your aura, and accelerate spiritual growth. It can also be helpful when trying to determine the source of a disease, so that you can treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

Charoite (photo by Piotr Sosnowski, distributed under a CC by 3.0 license)

Physically, Charoite is often used in treating ailments of the eyes, head, heart, liver, pancreas and the skeletal structure. Personally, I have found it to be very useful in treating migraines, and calming an accelerated heartbeat.

It is recommended for detoxification, particularly from food or alcohol. It is also said to be beneficial in regulating the blood pressure. Charoite is sometimes used in treating nervous system disorders, as well as depression, bi-polar disorder, autism and ADHD, as well as muscular cramps.

It is said that Charoite can protect from radiation. Because of this, it is recommended for people who work with x-rays and other machines that put off high levels of radiation.

Charoite is said to regenerate the body in times of fatigue. It has been used to treat insomnia in adults and children. It is also used to treat nightmares, or fears that appear in your dreams. To do this, it is said to be most effective if you place the Charoite, along with a piece of Amethyst, under your pillow while you’re sleeping. (I do not recommend placing stones under your pillow if you are a very active sleeper, nor do I think it’s suitable for young children. In those cases, placing the stones on a bedside table should work just as well) It is said to induce powerful, but positive, dreams. (I recently tried doing this, and I had a very interesting dream the first night, so it’s definitely worth trying!)

Charoite Bowl & Beads (photo by Piotr Sosnowski, distributed under a CC by 3.0 license)

Charoite also has many applications in Chinese medicine. It is said to resonate with communication between the Heart and the Kidneys due to its purple color. It is used frequently in treating the Large Intestine.

Because it is a rock it can contain a wide variety of trace minerals (which was discussed a bit in my last post), which also influence Charoite’s healing properties. For example, the calcium and fluoride content in Charoite make it very effective in treating the bones. Because it contains electrolytes, it can be used to support fluid metabolism and conduct Qi. The fluoride, in combination the purging effects of the hydroxy group contained in Charoite, makes it an excellent choice for drawing toxins out of the body.

In acupuncture (or acupressure), Charoite resonates with the Governor Vessel (Du Mai), and also supports Divergent Meridian treatment.

Because it regulates the waterways in the body, and encourages fluids to expel pathogenic factors, it is good for treating congestive heart failure, fluid retention (particularly in the chest), common cold, and any kind of radiation exposure, such as x-rays, EMFs or ultraviolet radiation.

Physically, it is also used to treat tightness in the chest, menstrual cramps, cirrhosis of the liver, neuropathy of the feet and legs, skin cancer caused by sun exposure, lower back pain, jaundice in newborns, leg cramps, facial tic, Bell’s Palsy, ADHD, and autism in children.

Mentally, Charoite is used to treat poor concentration and confusion.

Emotionally, it is useful for treating stress, fear and insecurity, particularly those related to changes in life. It is particularly useful for easing the pain of separation and parting, and for letting go of sadness that you may be holding onto from past losses. It is also useful for feelings of apathy, or the belief that nothing in your life can (or will) ever change. Charoite not only promotes physical detox, it is effective for promoting cleansing in the living environment, of the emotions and thoughts, etc…

It is recommended to wear Charoite jewelry when receiving x-rays.

Charoite is used topically for injuries and cramping, as well as cirrhosis of the liver, or insulin dependency of the pancreas. In these cases, just place the stone on the affected area.

A Charoite elixir is used for detoxing, but always use the indirect method of preparation. Not only can the stone be damaged from prolonged periods in the water, but one of the possible impurities in Charoite is aluminum. If aluminum is present in the stone, it can leech into the water of your elixir, and this is very toxic.

Charoite is often used in combination with other stones, here are a few combinations to try:

– use with Selenite and Smokey Quartz to flush out dead tissue and direct Kidney Qi to the Spleen. This is used when treating a damaged pancreas.

– if you are performing a Divergent Meridian treatment, the effect of Charoite will be increased when users in conjunction with Fluorite or Apophyllite.

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is meant to be a complementary, supportive therapy. It is NOT a replacement for medical care. If you are experiencing health problems, please see a doctor. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes, it does not constitute medical advice.

Charoite closeup (photo by Piotr Sosnowski, distributed under a GFDL license)


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