Introduction to Crystals with Judy Hall

I just completed Judy Hall’s online crystal healing course, “Introduction to Crystals”, so I thought I would give a little overview and review of the course for those of you who might be interested in taking it.

First, a bit about the course itself. The course is entirely online, available through HayHouse, and all materials are provided when you sign up (except the crystals, of course!), so there are no hidden expenses. As of this writing, the course costs US$49.99. It consists of the following lessons:

Welcome/History of Crystal Healing (1 video)

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Crystals (3 videos, 1 PDF)

Lesson 2: Cleansing, Programming & Grounding (3 videos, 1 PDF)

Lesson 3: Crystal Shapes & Formations (2 videos, 1 PDF)

Lesson 4: Crystal Essences (2 videos, 1 PDF)

Lesson 5: Space Clearing & Protection (2 videos, 1 PDF, 1 audio meditation)

Lesson 6: Using Crystals to Heal (5 videos, 1 PDF, 1 audio meditation)

Lesson 7: The Crystal Skull Teachers (3 videos)

The PDF files are available to download. The video and audio files are available to watch anytime via your account at

The videos range in length from about 3-15 minutes each, so even if you’re very busy, they are easy to squeeze in. You can watch from pretty much any device, which is also very convenient – I completed the entire course on my iPad, with no troubles at all. The PDF files not only contain some important points from the videos, they also contain some extra information, for example: a crystal glossary with photos & info of nearly 40 different crystals; charts & information about 8 chakras, their functions, and some suggested crystals to use at each one; several crystal grid layouts, and more. There are also two guided meditations in the course, one for earth healing, and one for self-healing with a Brandenburg Amethyst crystal, both of which were quite enjoyable.

I have already received crystal healing certification through a very in-depth course of study, but decided to take this course for two reasons: 1) I enjoy learning, and everyone has a slightly different method of using crystals. 2) I am a fan of Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible volumes 1, 2 and 3 (in fact, they were my first books about crystal healing), so I was very interested to see what I could learn from her. And, I feel like I learned quite a lot! This was a very interesting, informative and enjoyable course, I am sorry it’s over! My only real complaint about it is that I wish it were longer, or maybe the first in a series, because I was enjoying it, and I like to study things in great detail. Also, ideally I would like to be able to download the video and audio files to keep as a reference, and to be able to use them offline. 

But, all in all, it was a very good course. If you’re new to crystals, and looking for an affordable introduction to crystal healing, with a very well-known teacher, this would be a wonderful choice. Or, if you’re like me, and just want to continue learning, and get a different viewpoint on how crystals can be used, again, I would highly recommend this course. If you like crystals, I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it!


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