Welcome to the Crystal Cabinet of Curiosities! In this blog, I will be sharing my passion for crystals, gemstones and minerals with you. I have loved jewelry and minerals since I was a child. I have fond memories of searching for petoskey stones and agates on the lakeshore, and going to the local rock shows with my parents and uncle. I got my first pieces of fine jewelry as a teenager, and I’ve been hooked ever since! And, more recently, I have become a certified crystal healer, and a Crystal Reiki master. I am the owner & designer of Viriditas Crystals on Etsy, where I sell my handmade crystal healing jewelry.

Combine with this my lifelong interest in folklore, history and archaeology, and you can easily see where my inspiration for this blog comes from. 
I hope that you will find much inspiring, interesting  and helpful information here, and that you will enjoy learning as much as I do!